Thursday, April 9, 2009

New job for DS..yaye

We have been holding our breaths and hoping that something good would turn up for our son after he was laid off from his apprenticeship well over a month ago.... but as it seems to be a sign of things to come around here we were not hopeful.
He has been working very hard here at home and on the farm since he returned home and has even said he enjoyed the farm work.... He has built me an archway I had been asking for since before christmas, DH really isn't the handy type around the but now I have a nice new archway for my passionfruits to grow on.. and they have already been planted and are hopefully going to bear us lots of fruit in the coming years...I will take a photo tomorrow in daylight if I remember... plus now he is painting the house.. we finished our renovations 7 years ago and DH still hadn't finished painting the new they just needed the top coats... but Josh is starting at the older part of the house and working his way around and redoing the whole it looks so much better already......
Anyway a friend of ours heard Josh had returned home after being laid off from work and put the wheels in motion for him to pick up some casual work labouring with a local builder.. fantastic.. well the best was to come... Josh started working on the Wednesday and by the following Monday the builder had signed up Josh to finish off his apprenticeship. This builder is also a qualified joiner so Josh can finish his apprenticeship with him. I wasn't game to believe or even dream this was true until all the paperwork was done and signed.... but it is now and fingers and every other limb I can cross is crossed that this will be long term and get him thru his apprenticeship.. at long last someone up above is looking out for us...... yaye..

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