Saturday, June 13, 2009

Look who came to visit..

Kaylee came to visit us and stay for Easter. She has grown so much and is a real character. She is so full on that she wore me out but we had fun.

We only lost her twice while she was here.... lol we found her upstairs happily playing with all the toys. This pic shows her with her easter bunny. She loved it that much all she wanted to do was cuddle it.. we had an egg hunt which all the kids had fun with, we just had to be really quick as Kaylee had a tendency to chomp into the eggs paper and all...

One of the funniest sights for the stay was when her mum and dad left and drove out the driveway, this little character, who refused to say goodbye to them, trotted off down the driveway after them. No tears, she wasn't upset, she was just following them.. all we could do was sit and laugh before we realised she was not going to stop... pity I didn't have the video camera at the time, as it looked so funny her chasing the car. Mind you we have a rather long driveway so she was in no harm....... I did ring her mum and reassure her that all was okay with Kaylee and that she wasn't upset and that she was having a ball playing with all her aunties and uncles.. and gran and her pa......

see we wore her

I have also been making things...

After falling in a hole the week after the kids deb, I finally got my butt in gear and have made a couple of beanies for the boys.. they asked me for new ones so what's a mum to

I have finished off 3 so far and have another on the needles that I was hoping to have finished by tomorrow but that is not going to happen as I have 2 pairs of dress pants I have to hem tonight for DS2 who is leaving for Melbourne tomorrow...
This is Josh modelling his beanie.. he looks a bit rough as he had just got home from work... it is made from wool and alpaca using the 2 x 2 ribbed beanie pattern, it is nice and soft and warm. He likes it... bonus..
I have also finished Brady's but haven't got a photo yet, he grabbed it as soon as I finished it and I haven't seen it since apart from on the top of his the 3rd one I made ended up being a tad small for the boys so it has been put away until a suitable recipient is found..

My mother's day pressie..

This is what got delivered to my house last Ds himself.. DS has made me this table and has also got 2 more smaller tables coming.. He has been making it at trade school during the year.. I have been really spoilt by DS when it comes to furniture. this is about the 8th piece of furniture he has made for me.. and the second coffee table. The other one he made is a squat table with storage underneath, it measures approx. 1m x 1m.. I think I am running out of room for his creations but don't tell him that... lol He is in the process of making me a wall unit/display shelf... for in our hallway.. then I think our house will be full.

While on the subject of Ds making me stuff, this is the arch way that he made for me back in March/April of this year. Isn't he a clever cookie.. I have passionfruits growing on either side of it, so hopefully they will bear us some yummy fruits..
Also he has renovated his bedroom. He removed all the 20 year old wallpaper we installed and plastered all the walls. Together we painted his room and now he has a nice new bedroom.. no pictures as yet.. I will have to make a mental note to take

I am good at being slack...

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last wrote here.. it is just mind boggling how quickly time is passing.. but I do have a reasonable excuse apart from all the work with the kids and the farm.. I have been busily getting 2 kids organised for their 'Debuts'... DD and DS both made their debuts together this year.. and boy am I glad that is over and done with now.. talk about hectic.. hair trials, dresses, suits, dance lessons.. well you get the idea... Peer pressure tried it's best to lure us into doing things dd wanted but I stood my ground.. lol no $300 hair extensions, no expensive dress or jewellery... I was a meanie...hehe DD did get hair extensions, they cost all of $5. It pays to know your hairdresser. They blended in beautifully with her real hair, you couldn't tell which was her hair and what wasn't.
She wanted a particular style of dress and we spent months looking for just the right dress with no luck..... so we bought a plain sweet heart neckline dress off the rack and I stupidly said I would adjust it to make it like she wanted..... never again. I finished the dress at 3pm on the afternoon of the presentation..... after many late, late nights spent sewing on beading.. but she got what she wanted and was pleased which was the main thing.

I can honestly say boys are much easier when it comes to debs.. DS only needed to be measured up for his suit, he wouldn't even let me get his hair cut.... but I must say they both looked stunning for the deb. This is DS and his partner. I am constantly amazed to see how much the kids have matured and grown up. It only seems like yesterday we were spending hours in doctors waiting rooms and surgeries with this little man as sick as, bucket under his chin and stripped down to only his nappy... I am so glad those days are behind us..

And this is Miss DD. See all those ruches...... they took a looooong time, there are tiny beads all flowing outwards from each ruche all the way around the skirt. The skirt consists of 10 layers although you can't tell in this pic..

This picture shows better the fullness of the skirt, although the lighting in the stadium was not good for taking photos. See all those black drapes in the background... there were meant to 32 drapes all up but time got the better... we did manage to finish and hang 24... not bad...... another never again I am making note

This pic shows the detail in the back of the skirt. For some unknown reason I didn't get a photo of Lauren and her partner together apart from when they were dancing... but we are still to get the professional photos so they should be good.
so I have been busy just not neglecting everyone....