Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Teapot tablerunner

another of my likes is teapots/cups..
I made this table runner a while back and changed the applique to my liking....

I would really like to use it as a banner on my blog but for some reason i can't work out how to upload my pics to my blog....... lol

i have to upload them to flicker first then blog them........ oh it would be so easy if i could just upload straight to here..

i am sure it is something simple i need to turn on or off on my settings :-(( but this will have to do for now.........

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Foundation pieced bags

Now these i have made quite a few of...
these are one of the easiest bags to make..... they are foundation pieced together and are very quick to make......

I have an order for one in reds like the one in the pic that i must get to and make pronto... or my sis won't like me very much...lol

a pair of friends

this pair of friends i made back in 2005 for a friend..

might think about making some for myself one day... i quite like the mammies and the prim dolls now.... i am currently working on a pattern from 'Make mine Primitive' that is a prim raggedy annie......Old thyme annie is her name..

she is currently awaiting stuffing and colouring....lol

I have an array of different styles of dolls i have made over the years and i don't usually tend to stick to one style until recently. i have become more interested in the aged look of the prim dolls.....something about them seems to catch my eye and i am finding my tastes changing towards them..

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xmas decoration

this is another of my recently finished projects..

it is a star xmas decoration but has had pipberries added to the striped pocket since i took this pic which makes it look finished off..

baby annie and kitty

these little dolls are from a pattern by 'Angels in Disguise'.

I have made a little baby andy to go with them but have no pic of him as yet. i was really pleased with the faces on these 2 as it was the first time I'd attempted to paint faces....

they only stand about 10inches high so are only a little doll but still cute i think

sticky fingers

this is the adorable Nikayla..... my youngest. she is now just over 16 months and full of cheek as the pic shows

sticky fingers
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she is very helpful when it comes to helping me out with my sewing..........NOT.... she quite enjoys pulling out all my fabric and helping unpack all my bits and bobs....

Thursday night i sat down with the older kids to make a polar fleece blanket and she came and popped herself in the middle of the fabric so we couldn't do anything...... after much kicking and screaming she finally did move and went and had a lie down...

when she awoke she found the fabric had turned into a nice pooh bear blanket for her to cuddle up with..........hehehe will pop up a pic when the lighting is better for a photo

Marilyn's bag 2

this is the back view of the bag I made Marilyn. the pieces with the ladies are actually pockets and there is another on the other side panel.

this was a fun bag to make as i played around with different styles to come up with the finished product.

Marilyn's bag

Marilyn's bag
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ginger & coffee dreams

Finally i have worked out a way to upload photos to my blog!! lol

this is a pic of a bag I made for a friend... i designed and embroidered the design on the front pocket, the bag is a design of my own also........

i very rarely use a pattern nowadays when i am making bags.......i just seem to put them together as they go.....lol

sorry that the pic is not very clear will have to look into this uploading problem a bit more...

wow where has the last month gone

well who can tell me where the last month has gone........ cos i have no idea...
with school holidays being upon us and almost finished it has made life hard here but only 2 more sleeps and the kids go back to school and i can go back to sanity...... LOL
i have not achieved a lot over the last month in the way of sewing or embroidery sadly.
of course i have managed to do the usual towells etc that i have to do weekly but other than that i have not really got much done.....
i have managed to finish off a little boy doll that just needed his face painted and have finished off a doll bag holder..... although i really don't like her face she will have to do for now.....
If only i could work out how to upload pics here i would be able to put up some pics so you would know what i am talking about......lol