Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well it has been a while :-)

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated my blog but I think time has just passed me by........... well my dd did give birth eventually on the 4th October to a darling little girl named Kaylee..... it is hard to imagine she is nearly 6 months old now.......time really has got away from me with xmas and all happening since then...... I promise to load up some pics
Lots has been happening in my life since I last updated with all the kids and their cricket over the summer, thankfully that is all nearly finished. Just have Lauren playing in Melbourne this weekend in the Regions Country Cup. She is an under 14's western waves player but this is an open region cup so should be good experience for her to play against some of the state's best women cricketers..
Footy starts again in about a fortnight, probably not even that far away so we will be busy with that also I
Not much done in the sewing department of late...... have to learn how to upload my pics again. Have a new 12 meg camera and also a new laptop so quickly learning how to use both of these..vbg...
Off to do some more work........... lol kids have buggered up 2 pcs tonight so I am meant to be fixing them too............. never ending isn't it..