Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Reversible Bag and other bits..

I had a lovely day on Monday sewing. You guessed it, I made another

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am now in the mood for more sewing and 'me' time.

This is from the Grand Revival range and is a reversible bag. I did mess up the process and spent some time unpicking but then just decided to do it my way and I was happy with the way it turned out... lol I did use it today and sits really well on your shoulder and is very comfortable to carry..

Some other things I have been making are a xmas stocking, a thread tidy which I am yet to finish off..

also had fun today shopping... lol we went and visited a new (to us) P & Q shop..... it was heaven and had a great array of fabrics and patterns that are completely different to the other shops in the area..... I didn't really buy a lot, a few patterns and some fabric.... the girls each picked out some fabric that they liked and I will make it up into some glasses cases for them..

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