Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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Well I did promise a pic nearly 12 months amazing how time has flown this year... this is our darling grand daughter Kaylee.. she is such a happy little thing....... she will be 12 months old in 6 weeks.. it is hard to believe....
I would post a pic of her when she was born also but they are all on my old pc.. Kaylee is here with her uncle and aunt.... we were out for tea celebrating her other uncles' 18th....
As you can see here she has inherited her mother's love of horses and has started riding at such an early age much to her daddy's and grandparents'

And these two odd friends are her and her mummy's horses..... the little one in the foreground with Tahlia is our latest addition to the family, a miniature pony named Snickers... he is 3, and the taller fella is Les a 7 year old ex race horse.... they look quite funny walking round the paddock

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