Friday, August 24, 2007

Nice Matters Award....

Amazing I actually managed to add a pic all on my own!! and what a pic to learn on... lol
thanks Kate for the Nice Matters Award , just wish I could tag you back..
Okay now I have to tag 5 more.hmmmm
1st would have to be my sis Megs of pints palette, who does a wonderful job with her painting and has 2 beautiful kids who we miss very much..
2nd would have to be my other sis Tikki of Tikki's~fabric addict, who is another amazing achiever. She is also mum to our gorgeous niece Lily who we also miss seeing very much..
3rd would have to be Khris of Sew Prim. who does amazing work with all types of cloth dolls.. and is a very good friend of mine...
4th probably already had one of these sent to her but she deserves
Anita of Anita's Ramblings..
5th goes to ......... will have to think on this and let you know.... cos everyone has already been tagged.... lol
These 4 ladies need to now copy and paste the award to their blog and nominate 5 more people..

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