Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stupid weather...

Ha surprised you all and myself by popping in here and updating...
Isn't this cold weather just the pits.... I loathe being cold and when it is wet also like we have been having lately it just doesn't agree with me. I can never get warm and it doesn't help that our heating is still not working.. but that is life... we have to have winter and rain, I am just hoping now for an early warm spring..
I just love this picture. Nik was occupying herself in the car on a recent trip. She was yabbering away to herself and we were not really paying attention until she asked me if I thought poppy (her dog) would be scared of her when we got home... when I turned around this is what I saw.. she had sticky taped bits of material to her face to make herself into a pussy cat...lol she had me in fits of laughter.

Our house is still sitting waiting patiently for the moving men to return.... they do say we are high priority for getting this house moved but I sincerely doubt that. They are waiting on fine weather to remove the roof then load onto the trucks...... we had a fabulous week of glorious sunshine a fortnight ago and they never showed up.. to say I am a little peeved would be an understatement... the ground is so wet and waterlogged now that I doubt we will get it out until late Spring which is really disappointing for us but what can we do!
It is the second week of school holidays here now and I am really enjoying not having any routine to stick to, no netball or football training or games as they don't play (seniors and Juniors) on the middle weekend of these holidays, so I should have been having some quiet time at home... lol that doesn't happen in this household.
We have been slowly since April working our way through an overgrown frontage to our new property that due to the new Bushfire Assessments we have to clear all the undergrowth and weeds and the pile of cut trees the previous owner dumped there before we can be issued with a certificate to live in the house once it is moved.. wish we knew this before we bought it.. oh well we are now almost 100metres from the end and it is starting to look good. We currently have 6 or 7 huge bonfires on the property of scrub and weeds we have removed. We are leaving all the native plants and only removing what needs to be removed but it is so overgrown with shiny leaf and prickly bush that it is hard going.
We have enlisted the help of most of the kids, some are useful, some are not..lol
This is the first small heap we started, the rest of the bonfires are at least twice as big now. Will have to get new pics to show an update. We were going to have one of the bonfires this weekend to celebrate Josh's 21st but the weather has not been kind of late and it is too wet and cold so instead we are celebrating it elsewhere this weekend. To think it is 21 years since he first came into this world is quite scary. We have been looking back over old photos remembering him as he has grown from a tiny little baby into a wild little boy and now into a grown man who we are very proud of.
Apart from land clearing we have also had Netball training with the Victorian State Netballers, this is Tahlia posing with one of the girls.
Below is Zoe's quilt she made ( purple/green), notice almost all her squares meet up. I am not happy with the way the teacher taught them to quilt and sandwich but at least it is finished not languishing in a bag somewhere. The red,black and white blanket the girls made themselves one each and boy are they being used lots lately. The purple/white top is Lauren's quilt she started and I am finishing off....
The red knitted top is Nikayla's Acacia top, it just needs a ribbon and some blocking.. and she can wear it, very easy quick knit designed by my designer sister Tikki.
Stupid blogger won't let me put the pics where they should be so I will just have to write here about them and hope it turns out okay..
The pink and brown vest is another item I have finished along with the diagonal lace white blanket. The blanket took forever or so it seemed to finish but is nice and soft and warm. The half finished item is a diagonal lace baby jacket I am presently knitting during the school holidays, just have the front and sleeves to go. Finally the little green pants are dolls diapers I made and beneath them is 7 little kids black scarves made from polar fleece, very quick and easy and nice and snuggly warm
I also have some other items I have finished off but they are charity items so will blog about them on my other blog.
Until next time enjoy.


Vickie said...

wow wow wow...I need a drink that sure was a thristy read..and I'll be praying for the weathe rto fine up and them house guys to get thier butts onto your gouses stat!I so hear you on the rountine factor-I was the same when mine used to have school hols..I loove oyur knitted items youa re sucha good knittererah...kids quilts look good as well...lovely to see a post , chreers Vickie

Juwles said...

Thanks Vickie, yeah I am praying they turn up soon also. As you know I enjoy knitting as relaxation so tend to do a bit..I was pleased with the kids quilts also.. think they might follow in my footsteps..lol

Beeshebags said...

You're late! So far you've been posting about once a year in June/July and it's now August and no post.....how's things? Still knocking about blogland somewhere? Hope all is well.


Juwles said...

Hi Naomi, glad someone is keeping tabs on me.. just been busy with house renovations this year, a bloody big job. our house finally got relocated in November of last year and we have been busy with it and the normal daily happenings of this household since. will update the blog with all details soon I hope. thanks for asking, hope you're doing well also

Maria said...

My goodness, you have been busy! :-)